Essay about The For Safe Storage Space Facilities

Essay about The For Safe Storage Space Facilities

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The article written by The Times Editorial Board of the city of Los Angeles’s sensible plans for two storage facility locations, in order for the homeless population to store in a safe place their belongings and access them easily and often. This necessity is said to be one of the short term other needs of the homeless. Other than the long term solution of providing housing and services to people living in the streets. No other “short term other needs of the homeless” are listed. The need for safe storage space facilities is for the homeless to have a safe clean place to store their shopping carts, bags, clothing, keepsake, medical records and identification. This of course would relieve the public safety hazards that result from the homeless lining the streets and sidewalks with their shopping carts. What public safety hazards they refer to in the article is not supported being that here in Cumberland County, 1, 189 people who are not stably housed. Fayetteville Observer, Homeless Survey: Latest Count Shows Cumberland County population relatively unchanged over the past year. Paige Rentz, Mar 23, 2015 Of those 1,189 people I have never seen any public safety hazards posed on anyone at any place. The Times Editorial Board found it distressing that immediate opposition arose to the plans for two storage facilities. Her the Editorial Board use the fallacy that the “Angelenos” ( the citizens of Venice and San Pedro) picking NIMBY battles to keep homeless people out of their neighborhoods.
NIMBY (an acronym for the phrase "Not In My Back Yard"), or Nimby (as a word, instead of an acronym), is a pejorative characterization of opposition by residents to a proposal for a new development because it is close to them (or, in some cases, bec...

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... it enough? Am I doing enough? Is Housing and services enough? Having come very close to becoming homeless myself. Was it my fault that I was overqualified for a minimum wage job I was willing to accept because I made to much in my past job? Was it my fault they were afraid I’d leave for a better paying job later? It’s not always as simply as your just lazy and don’t want to work. It’s not always black and white. It’s not any homeless person’s fault that Wal Mart and Ford are moving their companies to Mexico and laying off thousands of people and forcing them on to train their replacements so they can pay lower wages so they can put more money in their pockets. The Homeless deserve more than a hand full of change from passer byes. More than a meal bought from the supermarket, More than sleeping in the woods, more than just housing and services. They deserve our help!

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