The For Qualified Registered Nurses Essay

The For Qualified Registered Nurses Essay

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2010) global survey, around 92% of the nurses and midwives reported nurse staff shortages, in terms of that the inadequate number of registered nurses is a persisting problem throughout the world. In Australia, there is evidence indicating that in the future approximately 109,225 nurse position will be facing a deficiency by the year 2025 due to ageing and low retention rate (Health Workforce Australia, 2012). However, approximate 11,000 students are graduating from nursing and midwifery school across Australia each year and start looking for employment opportunities at the same time. The recruitment qualifications of the qualified registered nurses (RN’s) are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, a minimum of 12 months nursing level experience, ability to practice holistic care under evidence based framework, and communicate effectively within the multidisciplinary team. However, every newly graduated registered nurse has trouble with transiting from an academic environment to a practical practice environment. It is essential for supporting the graduate nurse transfer into a safe and supportive environment. Therefore, the transition programs in Australia are designed to support the new graduate RN’s as the most suitable way to adjust into the new workplace by facilitating professional development, increasing confidence, and socialization. This essay is aimed to determine the effects and values of the transition programs on improving challenges and developing professional identify faces by nursing graduates in their new roles as a registered nurse in Australia. Firstly, a brief explanation of the current situation of the nursing transition program. Furthermor...

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...ential in relation to the career pathways for the nurses, which can influence the future retention rate in the health care sector. Therefore, to prevent the departure of the new nurses, it is important to assist new graduate nurses overcome the challenges between professional expectations with the reality of the workforce.
To discuss the effects and impacts that newly graduated nurses experienced in transition practice program in their first year of employment. For example, a systematic study carried our by Missen, McKenna and Beauchamp (2014) about the job satisfaction level and confidence of the graduate nurses that undertook at least 12 month transition program in Australia, in this review study is conducted through different survey instruments. The instruments were designed to assess the new nurse’s anxiety, skill, competence, confidence, stress, and challenge.

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