Essay on The For Productive Counseling Sessions

Essay on The For Productive Counseling Sessions

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In order for productive counseling sessions to take place, there must be clear communication and the client must be able to trust the professional. It is commonly believed that a societal diagnosis of flaw in mental health is caused or contained by the individual, rather than as a byproduct of societal systems. This type of individualism is a microaggression because not only does it victim shame, but these clients are also often encouraged to self-explore, so they themselves can “fix” their “own” problems. If a professional assumes a colorblind approach they may not be trying to completely understand the client’s identity and experiences, and may even minimizes these experiences because of unconscious racism (257). Black clients especially are stigmatized as criminals. In western counseling, professionals are advised in remaining emotionally and personally uninvolved with a client and their experiences because it may skew their goal of objective assistance (259). Even trained professionals can be guilty of possessing unconscious biases that drive their behavior (260-261). The therapy services in the west are directly reflective of the racist institutional systems, and so it is often inevitable that the professional too will reflect these same values. They may even use language implying otherness, sexism, and assume their client is abnormal, deviant, and unintelligent (262-265). The psychological field is very much related to racism because it was founded on the basis that explored their theory that blacks were inferior to whites (267). Those of color are less likely to utilize therapy services than whites because they may feel that a therapist will not be understanding of their situation, and because many of these providers are wh...

... middle of paper ... engage in this narrowminded mindset yourself, in which we may even blame ourselves for events like these. I have often carelessly thought, what if I had just not gone out that night or what if I would have drank less, falling into the mythical belief that individuals have sole control of each and every one of their circumstances. This type of individualism protects only a certain, elite group though, such as whites, men, the middle and upper class, heterosexuals, and other dominant groups. This is because whenever members of these groups are involved in similar incidents, the reasoning is often deflected from the person’s self but to uncontrollable circumstances. This occurs when white males go on shooting sprees and the media blames it on mental illness, but the shooters in San Bernadino were instantly labeled as Isis terrorists, also an example of Islamophobia.

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