Essay The For Our Critical Thinking Assignment

Essay The For Our Critical Thinking Assignment

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In preparation for our Critical Thinking assignment, each student was presented with a list of topics regarding his or her major during one of our classes. Each student was instructed to choose a topic he or she would like to argue and provide solutions for. For the most part, the class remained on the PowerPoint slide for only a few moments because each individual seemed to make his or her selection rather quickly. However, this task forced me to realize that I was none too familiar with the field of Social Work; this unfamiliarity indisputably ignited a sense of paranoia about my choice of major. Nevertheless, I sat and studied the screen until I discovered the topic of “chronic homelessness” at the very bottom. The issue of homelessness, although it has not affected me personally, has in fact, impacted the lives of those around me. As I have grown older, I have become aware of the social issues that exist in my community. I am not sure whether I live amongst more homeless people, or if I just happen to see the same reoccurring victims, but it is remarkable at the amount of people I witness walking the streets of downtown Lincolnton. These victims, such as the community’s infamous, “Crazy Todd”, who is seen pushing a grocery cart of items he has collected throughout the busy streets, influenced my decision to dive into the discussion.
After defining the issue in which I felt obligated to discuss, I had to then decide which side of the argument intrigued me more. After beginning my inquiry, whether it be through a textual source or on a website, I developed my own personal belief about the topic at hand. I discovered that nearly all of those who are classified as being “homeless” became a victim due to the abuse of alcohol, or o...

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... will use my passion and new perspectives in the work field. Additionally, I, as a guidance counselor at a high school, will undoubtedly be faced with the many challenges regarding homelessness and criminal actions, but I am curious to discover insight to how frequent these issues become prominent. As a result of the prominence, I wonder exactly how many solutions I can concur regarding each student’s individual essentials and circumstances. In conclusion, each of these topics, both chronic homelessness and the school to prison pipeline, proved to intrigue me in such a great deal that I have become anxious to begin my “Intro to Social Work” course here at UNC-Charlotte, to familiarize myself with additional topics regarding the field of Social Work, and to find answers to the questions I have proposed regarding my experience as a guidance counselor.

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