The For Australian Curriculum English Strand Achievement Standards And Student Needs

The For Australian Curriculum English Strand Achievement Standards And Student Needs

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The planning sequence of the activities was changed in accordance with each group member in order to further cater for Australian Curriculum English strand achievement standards and student needs surrounding the literature stands and sub strands. Each inter-text explored a variety of activities spread over three lessons. They utilised and compared the text to the Mentor text to establish a sound understanding through the development of prior and recent knowledge.

Firstly, the introduction of mentor text Girl with no name, was sequenced first to provide a sense of knowledge and understanding when exploring the sub strand ‘Responding to literature- ACELT1620, surrounding ideas of Indigenous cultures before exploring the three inter-texts.

This was followed by The Rabbits inter-text, where the exploration of colonisation within Australia in begun through the perspective of Indigenous cultures and used to create an alternative text, examining the sub strand ‘Creating Literature’- ACELT1632. This inter-text was sequenced after the mentor text to provide initial insights to the beginning of colonisation through perfectives of Aboriginal communities.

The film Rabbit Proof Fence followed as a middle text used to examine the impact colonisation had on Aboriginal communities and the themes used, thus ‘Examining Literature’ sub strand- ACELT1622. Prior knowledge was within this lesson. The developmental phase is sequenced in the middle as a means of communicating to students the impact colonisation had towards Indigenous communities.

Finally, One hundred and Fifty years’ poem, 150 years after European settlement engages students to utilise prior knowledge of the inter-texts and explore the impact white settles has on Indigenou...

... middle of paper ...

... are turned into dark and gloomy. These features are used within the task to introduce students to knowledge surrounding colonisation and English literature.

The second inter-text is Rabbit Proof Fence film directed in 2002 by Phillip Noyce. The film follows the journey of three Indigenous girls and their escape from ‘Moore River native settlement camp’. The author explores in terms of representation as a key concept, an eradicated sense of cultural identity in Aboriginal Australian Communities.

The third inter-text is Jack Davis 1998 One hundred and Fifty Years poem. The author imposes a written protest of non-inclusion towards the Aboriginal communities in celebration of the 150 years of European Settlement within Australia. Through a range of descriptive language features, the author explores how the White settlers impacted Australian Indigenous communities.

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