Essay about The For African American Poverty

Essay about The For African American Poverty

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Algernon Austin is the author of this article published in 2009 had the intent of informing the public about African American poverty. The author is credible and has authority because he was the director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy (PREE). The author uses poverty numbers that were released by the Census Bureau to provide evidence that children growing up in impoverished homes or poor neighborhoods are more likely to be poor as adults. Additionally, the authors provide explanations for the effects of poverty linked to the lack of jobs. The author claims that if we want to to end poverty in the future society needs to act now. Questions arising from this article are how directly will a community be affected by vouchers and how much of an impact will education vouchers have on the local economy in the future. The authors’ conclusion is of interest to me in my research on reparations for African americans because it provides a basis for African American poverty.

The author of this article Bernard Boxill published this article in 2011 onto the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy with the intent of informing people about reparations for African Americans. The author is credible and has authority because Bernard Boxill works in social, political and African American philosophy and has published countless works on this topic. The author uses philosophers such as John Locke and Aristotle along with many others to provide evidence for why African Americans should receive reparations. Additionally, the authors provide explanations for the reasons for reparations as well as general information and history. The author claims that slaves were harmed and should have been giving reparations b...

... middle of paper ... Frum uses historical events, statistics and logic to explain why reparations for African Americans would not be fair for other races. He provide explanations for the effects of reparations and how it is unfair to other races. The author explains that Chinese Americans were victims of the Oriental Exclusion Acts and Native Americans had a continent taken from them yet, blacks are receiving money and these other races are not. Questions arising from this article are if we give reparations to blacks why not to other races and will a better quality of life for blacks be fair if other races don’t get reparations (different form Backlash).The authors’ conclusion is of interest to me in my research on reparations for blacks because I need to know while I am trying to see if reparations will improve quality of life for blacks I must also include the nation as a whole.

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