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For a parent or a person interested in CCSS you will find many educators and politicians argue that children will be learning skills for jobs that do not exist today. But history reveals many problems in trying to develop standards occurred over the past thirty years. The evidence can be found when considering commercial as well as economic reasons, as well as resolve complaints to help minorities, and add a rigor to the standards to become a “living document” that involves ongoing accountability (Van Cleave)live into the future. It is important This is important because the standards can be thought of an “ongoing accountability that can be interpreted how to use them in the classroom. Proponents of Common Core advocate that developing individual grade level benchmarks throughout the country will increase academic standards for every state because “students will be learning the same thing at the same level” (Rycik, Support Continues to Erode for Common Core Standards and Assessments) to have students learning under the same standards across the nation. History provides a lesson to us about lower standards from thirty two years ago.

What were the drafting processes in developing the Common Core State Standard Initiative? The evidence: The Common Core State Standards drafting process relied on teachers and standards experts from across the country. This is important because teachers were involved in the development process in four ways (Common Core State Standards Initative):
1. They served on the Work Groups and Feedback Groups for the ELA and math standards.
2. The National Education Association (NEA), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and National Council of Tea...

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...d Klein). This is important because many people feel that Common Core was adopted to avoid the deadlines for NCLB. This is simply not the case.
However, by allowing states to design their own standards the proficiency levels resulted in “wide gaps in achievement” (Wallender, The Common Core State Standards in American Public Education: Historical Underpinnings and Justifications) In other words, expectations for rigor in student achievement went down in order to accommodate different levels of learning, ability, and low family income households. This was a huge problem for parents relocating students from part of the country to the next. Students were either faced with being very behind, or moving up grade levels in order to be on target. Once again, the perception was that America’s students could not compete globally limiting future employment opportunities.

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