The For A Herd Of Free Flowing Ideas Essay examples

The For A Herd Of Free Flowing Ideas Essay examples

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I sat in silence, attempting to rein in a herd of free-flowing ideas, soaring ideas which seemed to have no limitations, and which seemed able to escape my every snare.
Junior-grade Jihadis, Alex had called the shooters. Is there an implication of a connection to the turmoil engulfing much of the world today? If that 's the case, perhaps instead of 'Gharlane ' the mysterious employer might have used the name Mohamed or even Allah, or similar. Perhaps they merely played the role of convenient muscle, freelance contractors recruited for a job. I can 't imagine the reason Allah would wish us dead, although somebody clearly does.
I find it unnerving that Gharlane used precisely the same mechanism to communicate with his freelancers, and the same techniques, as Arisia. Might there be a connection? How similar are the apps each used? Are they foes, friends, or the same entity? This last made sense, as Arisia is the only one outside the seven of us who knew our location.
Of course other players may have been watching Julie, or Carla, or Estelle, or even Jill. Julie and Carla were in active contact with Arisia, and probably easily tracked. Estelle and Jill had been in contact with the mysterious sixth column organization, although I doubt they maintained contact after joining us, I watched them carefully. Still, our foe could have been following them, watching us from a distance. Although I 'm sure I wasn 't being followed, I can 't conclusively rule it out either.
Hours have elapsed since our breakfast, and my ladies feel closed in, housebound, and rather neglected. Watching as I sit and fume over our seemingly hopeless predicament certainly isn 't enjoyable for them, and no one is in the mood for the sorts of interesting activities wit...

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...s of thermodynamics, falsifying them and formulating them again and again until they hold, gave us the knowledge to harness the power of steam. Once the science held, engineering gave us locomotives plying the rails. Today we speak of the Laws of Thermodynamics. When scientific theory begets engineering, theories gradually become laws, and new truths are formed.
Science that has not beget engineering, that has not fostered the creation of useful hardware is not fact, only theory, always ripe to be disproven at any moment, no matter how numerous, or how prestigious the scientists proclaiming a consensus on its validity, a million can be just as wrong as one.
Be careful when placing faith in theory that has not yet beget engineering. It will almost certainly be proven wrong.
As I concluded my lecture on science vs religion, given to an audience acquainted with neither,

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