Essay on The Football Of High School Football

Essay on The Football Of High School Football

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Battle High School was the football team to win state 5A high school football their first year of being established. Somehow our team Lebanon High School ended up under the lights with them the following year. Through the years of football, I gained some super good friends that I played football with. I would have never guessed that I would have gained so many good friends/brothers through a sport like football.
Lebanon Missouri is a football town, they strive off of football. I always remember when I was little going to the high school football games and being so amazed at how many people were there to watch high school football. Football in Lebanon was way more than a sport, it was like a second religion. So growing up it was always a big thing to play football.
My football “Career” started out in mighty might football. I honestly had no idea what was going on. I was always the kid that everyone called the “bench warmer.” I would never get any time on the field except for the last few minutes of the game. After the mighty might football years, we soon moved on to Jr high.
Jr high football was a big thing for us. This was the first time that we ever got to play other teams from other towns. Our coach always told us that fundamental started in our Jr high years leading to high school. No one ever took Jr High football seriously. It was just a joke for some people, but what we really did not know was it was teaching us to prepare for high school football. Jr high football went by really fast. We were not worried about football we were more worried about all of the girls. Football was just something we did after school.
Soon after jr high football came along high school football, also came summer weights. Summer weigh...

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...out there, leave it all on the field” and we knew that 's what we were going to do.
It was one of the heardest games i have ever played in my life.By half time the score was tied up 24 to 24. We had a real good chance of winning that game. After half Battle came back and turned on the heat. They ended up beating us by 12 points. In a district 's final game that is not a very big win. We were all so depressed after that game, but there was something that i still had, That was my brothers.
The game of football made me the man i am today. That 's not the only thing it made me, it made me the greatest friends that i will ever have in my life. The game of football brought me closer to all of the people that played the sport with me since we were itty bitty. I would have never guessed that I would have gained so many good friends/brothers through a sport like football.

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