Essay on Football Is The Country 's Favorite Past Time

Essay on Football Is The Country 's Favorite Past Time

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For many Americans, football is the country’s favorite past time. Some strictly follow college teams while others live for Thursday night, Sunday and Monday-night professional games. Approximately forty-nine percent of Americans claim to be fans of the National Football League or NFL football. The NFL reported that 17.6 million viewers tuned into the average football game each week in 2013 (Smith, 2014). It is one of the most popular athletic leagues in the country and it continues to improve ratings and increase revenues. The NFL is not just football games every week for sixteen weeks, it is also a money-making business. The NFL generates billions of dollars annually through television deals, ticket sales and licensing products. As the popularity for the sport continues to grow, the scrutiny the NFL faces increases as well. Over the past two years, the NFL has experienced a large amount of negative press in the news and across social media websites. To overcome this negativity, the NFL’s marketing team had to go on the offensive to change the public’s perception of the league. Scanning social media websites will provide insight for the NFL’s marketing managers on what issues to must be mitigated by using a robust strategic communication plan that integrates social media to communicate with the fans.
Recent Crisis in the National Football League
In 2013, the National Football League was ridiculed and denounced for its handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases surrounding several professional football players. Infractions with the law is nothing new within the NFL. For years, it has been plagued with players charged with murder, drug abuse, driving while intoxicated, having sex with minors, and dog fighting...

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... the only way to mitigate the NFL’s crisis.
Football is regarded as America’s favorite past time for many followers. The popularity of the sport and the players is documented and captured on many social media sites. The same social media that build up the league, is also responsible for damaging the reputation. In the past few years, the NFL experienced large amounts of negative press surrounding domestic violence and child abuse allegations. Additionally, the NFL’s leadership was severely criticized for its policies governing the two offenses. The NFL launched a counter attack using social media to draw fans back to the sport. Teams introduced mobile apps and mobile websites to include fans in more aspects of the game. It will take a robust marketing communication mix to continue to build the relationships and restore confidence in the league.

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