Football And Its Impact On Football Essay

Football And Its Impact On Football Essay

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Football is one of the three most popular sports in the United States. The modern game of football most likely originated from England ( Walter Camp, a football coach for Yale, is known as “the Father of American Football” because he made several changes to the game of football ( The first professional football league was established in 1920, and it was made popular because of the invention of the television. Football is a mixture of science and religion which can be proved in the science of football, the religious interpretation of football, and the players’ use of their religion.
Science plays a major part in football. Without science, there is no game of football. If the players and coaches do not have a deep understanding of the science that is used in the game, there will be severe injuries and mistakes made. The coaches have to know how to execute plays and which plays will work against the team that they are playing. Also, the players have to know how to tackle or throw the ball in order to get the best outcome of the play. All of these factors are an application of science. When watching football, it can be hard to look past the action of the game to see the science behind each play.
One major scientific aspect of football is tackling. The players have to understand the science that helps them make an appropriate tackle in order to stay safe while playing. Amanda Onion writes in her article “The Science Behind Football Tackles,” “When Ray Lewis chases Tiki Barber and drags him down onto the turf, it may not look pretty, but he’s actually employing some elegant, precise laws of physics” (Onion). Most players, who are smart, stay low when tackling. This ensures that the impact wil...

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...ion is not only tolerated in the NFL, but embraced. Without the support of so many professional players, the NFL would not be structured like it is. The league could remove religion out of the game, but it would take some of the appeal away for both the players and the fans. Without the mix of science and religion in the sport, football would not be the same game.
Football is a prominent example of the relationship between science and religion. Science does not have to shun religion, and religion does not have disapprove of science. The science of football help the players make the most of the plays that they run. The religion that is intermixed in football builds a community of fans and players as well as motivates the people involved. With the example of football, more controversies in science and religion can be solved by involving both aspects in peoples’ lives.

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