Foolish Child's Play

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It was a long time ago when I was a child, playful and full of energy. My classmates just entered the room after coming back from lunch recess. We were all yelling and laughing, each child was talking to their friends as they did every day. Everyone was energetic, with no one sitting in their seats. On a daily basis the teacher would enter the classroom and we would all quiet down, then scatter to our seats. However, it was on this normal day that my first grade teacher came into the room who was met by a horrific surprise. My first grade classroom was the only room that had its own private bathrooms; one for the boys and the other for the girls. They were kept very clean and were more appealing then the shared germy bathrooms in the school. Most of my classmates and I would line up to use the toilets after coming back from recess. I entered the classroom in a rush towards the bathroom, where I just made it in time to use it before everyone else. My thoughts were only on empting my bladder, so when it came to flushing the toilet and washing my hands, I had realized to la...
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