Food Waste And The Impact On The Environment Essay

Food Waste And The Impact On The Environment Essay

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I have chosen the topic of food waste and the impact on the environment. I will discuss the ridiculous amount of food that is wasted each year and the staggering amount of waste that could be avoided just by planning ahead, and purchasing from farmer’s markets and avoiding the main stream supermarkets who set such high standards on the aesthetic of produce that tonnes are wasted for no reason other then shape.
More than $31 billion worth of food is wasted every year in Canada and when energy, water and other resource costs are factored in, the true cost could be up to as much as three times that each year, according to a report published by Value Chain Management International, a consulting firm, which suggests that millions of kilograms of food is wasted every year in Canadian homes, restaurants, & grocery stores. The report goes on to say that the total doesn 't include what 's being wasted at federal institutions like prisons, jails, hospitals and schools because there isn 't reliable data on that data. If those numbers are included, along with the true cost of things like energy, water, land, labor, capital investment, infrastructure, machinery and transport, the true cost of wasted food is actually closer to $107 billion a year.This finding shows a 15 % increase from their findings four years ago when the cost was $27 Billion,in 2010. They also go on to say that this is 2% of Canada’s GDP and larger than the total economic output of the poorest 29 countries on the planet.
This is shameful!!!
Various government tracking agencies and accountability groups have estimated and broken down where this waste comes from. Individuals waste some $14.6 billion worth of food every year, about 47 percent of the total. This mainly con...

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...y foods. Pre-planning meals in advance is very important before purchasing foods instead of just purchasing blindly because of the appeal of the produce with no real plan for what you have purchased. I would also lobby the Grocer’s Associations to stop enforcing such stringent guidelines as to the aesthetic of a fruit or vegetable; the shape and curve of a banana, the size of a peach should not be guidelines for trash. Food should never be a luxury, there is enough for everyone, we just have to make it happen by showing the powers that be that there is a way to get the food that would otherwise be waste to those that need it. Keeping that awareness at the forefront of everyone’s minds until everyone is talking about it and bringing about a paradigm shift in peoples thinking to a time when nothing will be wasted and everyone will eat tonight.

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