The Food Safety Modernization Act Essay

The Food Safety Modernization Act Essay

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Regulations and rules are made meant to protect us from harm. There are rules for everything, even food. For instance, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA). The FSMA aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to prevent it. Many food service operations do not always follow the rules and that can be very harmful to the consumers, if it is serious, it could even lead to death. The rules for food consists of regulations, common practices, and court cases.
In the rule making process, there are three steps on how the rules are made. First, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposes a rule and requests comments. Next, the FDA considers your comments issues a final rule. Lastly, companies comply with the rule based on the “Effective Date.” Also, the FDA issues a guidance because they won’t address every specific problem of the industry.
According to the FDA, after interviewing many restaurants the food services are not following common food practicing correctly. Many of the food service operations did not follow FDA recommendations. For example, egg-handling practice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) interviewed one hundred and fifty three mangers and found out that their egg practices were very risky. Managers admitted that fifty four percent pooled raw shell eggs that were not used immediately, they were held for six hours instead of four. Also, twenty six percent of eggs were stored at room temperature which was not recommended by the FDA. Also, the mangers were not handling raw chicken carefully. Forty percent of them said that they did not always assign certain cutting boards for raw meat. Twenty nine percent said they did not wash and rinse the ...

... middle of paper ... she ate some of the salad, she staring to feel pain in her head and neck, she was confused and then went into an altered state of mind. Listeria seems to be the most common Food Bourne Illness that affects people.
Based on the evidence from these regulations, common practices, and court cases, food workers do not pay very close attention to what goes in their food. These problems can easily be prevented if food workers just do their part in keeping food safe. Food workers should monitor and watch closely what goes in the food and how it is handled, so that none of the contaminants get into the food. Also, there would be less amounts of people being hospitalized or even dying because of a Food Bourne Illness. Managers in the food industry should enforce their employees to learn about the food safety requirements and follow them to keep them and everyone else safe

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