Food Safety Modernization Act ( Fsma ) On Beverage Industry Essay

Food Safety Modernization Act ( Fsma ) On Beverage Industry Essay

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mpact of Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) on beverage industry produce fruit juice contain drinks in the USA
1. Introduction:
According to the Center of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), there are around 48 million people get sick annually due to food borne diseases. One out of six people in the USA get sick or suffer from foodborne illness in every year. More than hundred thousand are hospitalized and thousands of Americans died every year (“Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) > Food Safety Legislation Key Facts” 2015). Protect the nation from this preventable health burden, the government introduced FSMA by giving enough tools and legal authority to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore the new FSMA is important to ensure safe U.S. food supply system.
In December 21st, 2010 the new food safety law passed by the congress. This is the turning point of U.S. history concerning national food safety. The FDA has the legislative mandate to carry out comprehensive, prevention-based controls in the national food supply. In January 4th, 2011, the president Barack Obama signed and it became a law. The manufacturer, distributor and retailers have to take actions to comply with the new rules. FDA proposed timeline for the complying period for the FSMA rules. General compliance period to establish “Preventive Control” for human food is 19th September 2015 (Nutrition 2015).
Compared to dried food, cooked foods and frozen food, any beverage has high microbial risk because of water availability and nutrients in the media such as fruit juice and sugar. There is a high chance of having pesticide residues in fruits such as apple, oranges and grapes. FSMA provides tools to protect the nation from health risk due to food born...

... middle of paper ..., 5. Enhanced partnership. Beverage industries should take action to implement key rules over the 2016. The FDA plaining to give compliance period to manufacturers based on the size of the business. The objective of this analysis the potential impact on beverage manufactures those who produce fruit juice contain drinks. The various parameters were used for this analysis. First four food safety standards were compared with FSMA key requirement. Then foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) was evaluated with five main fruit juice exporting countries to the U.S. Finally the current situation of the fruit juice importation and imported fruit juice safety was evaluated with 10 major fruit juice importers to the U.S. The finding will help to beverage manufacturer to identify the areas need to be addressed to comply with FSMA within the proposed time period by FDA.

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