The Food Safety Issue in Taiwan Essay

The Food Safety Issue in Taiwan Essay

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1. Introduction
In 2013, the food safety problem happening in Taiwan had raised the whole society’s concerns, and this serious issue also had caused a high degree of attention from the media in different countries. The industries involved in this scandal included cooking oils, alcoholic drinks, and other daily necessities. Among these categories, the food scandal occurring in the cooking oil industry was the most serious one as many famous oil manufacturers were all involved in this incident. All of these food safety scandals had made consumers lose trust in the government and be worried about their health.
At the beginning of this incident, a famous food factory called Chang-Chi Foodstuff Co. was accused of using inferior materials and artificial additives in the production process, and failed to label clearly its contents in the ingredient indicators. At the end of 2013, the chairman of the company, Chen-Li Kao, was sentenced in prison, and Chang-Chi Foodstuff Co. was fined approximately NT$ 80 million in accordance by the Taiwan health authority. Another big food production firm called Ting-Hsin International Group was also involved in this scandal. The company was fined a large amount of money due to disguising mislabelling products and using adulterated cooking oil purchased form Chang-Chi Foodstuff Co. Moreover, in addition to cooking oil industry, some other food and drinks producers, such as alcoholic beverage manufacturers, were also punished by paying fine as the indigent indicators listed on their products were found to be wrong, which was perceived as fraud and make more consumers lose confident in the food safety regulations in Taiwan (Bo, 2013).
After the scandal occurred, the president of Taiwan, Ying-Jeou Ma, orde...

... middle of paper ... [Accessed: 23 April 2014]

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