Essay Food Quality And Cleanliness Of A Vegetarian Restaurant

Essay Food Quality And Cleanliness Of A Vegetarian Restaurant

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When we put food in our stomach, we have a choice, to hurt or help our body. Why not make the next meal a healthy one? Yes, there are many restaurants to enjoy in Corvallis, but few that offer a nutritional menu that leaves us wanting more. There is a hidden restaurant behind Circle K a convenience store on Monroe Avenue that looks more like a house or community center than a restaurant. Located at 109 N.W. 15th Street is a wonderful place to eat called Nearly Normal’s. This is one of the finest choices to purchase a meal in Corvallis. We will examine the experience at this vegetarian restaurant focusing on the style of atmosphere, service, food quality and cleanliness.
Nearly Normal’s is a vegetarian restaurant established in 1979, co-owned by five people. The food is what makes me a regular. Every dish is made from fresh and healthy ingredients cooked in an open kitchen. Marcia Babel a co-owner of Nearly Normal’s says “We make so much of our menu from scratch, we have a big commitment to local foods and products, and you get a taste here that you just don’t get anywhere else” (Hansen, Tyler).
Directly on entering the establishment, the customer is met by a counter, handed a menu, and asked to order. The method of allowing the customer to request food before being seated, expedites the food to the customer’s stomach. No more being seated, than waiting twenty minutes for a server to up sale us an appetizer. By not having a server allows private dining and avoids any interruptions. The lack of interruptions provides a great place to have a conversation with someone that may require more privacy than other establishments provide. Behind the counter is an employee that serves as the bartender, waiter and sometimes cooks the food....

... middle of paper ... allowing the customers to view the actual condition that their food is made. I like to be reassured that the cooks are washing their hands and not filling my plate with a past customer’s uneaten entrée. Attempt a peek over the counter at Riva’s, downtown Corvallis, or poking your head into the kitchen at the Woodsman in Philomath. If you witnessed what I’ve seen at these two places you’d start eating at home.
Through my evaluation of Nearly Normal, I’ve concluded that this restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere, friendly and efficient service, flavorful and healthy food, and the cleanness expected from an establishment that provides food to happy customers. When I get past my cravings of meat and fried food, I find myself at Nearly Normal’s, filling my body with the nutrition it needs instead of the cancer causing processed food the world’s addicted to.

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