The Food Part Of The Restaurant Experience Essay example

The Food Part Of The Restaurant Experience Essay example

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One day my cousin Ashly and I decided to go to Mankato, Minnesota, to get a few things for her son’s upcoming birthday party. We stopped at my cousin’s house before we went shopping and we decided to go out to eat with Ashly, Candi and her husband and their son, along with two of their friends. I went on January 9th at around 2:30 p.m to the China Buffet. I will talk about the food part of the restaurant experience.
The first thing I am going to talk about is the quality of the food. It had many options of food that you could have. They had everything from chicken nuggets to sushi. The taste of the food was good, but all the food I ate was cold. The group was not pleased. I have eaten at the China Buffet many of times and never had a problem with the food being cold. We did go in the middle of the afternoon, so a lot was left over from dinner. The soda I drank was not flat or flavorless. Overall, the food was good. The food was not greasy, like a lot of places. My cousin Candi is a vegetarian, so she didn’t have much to choose from. The food was a hit and miss, in other words it was...

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