The Food Of The New York City Essay

The Food Of The New York City Essay

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In the New York City, one of the wealthiest cities in the world approximately 1.4 million people go hungry everyday (“Food poverty in NYC”). Many neighborhoods in the New York city do not have an opportunity to make healthy food choices due to the fact that communities of lower-income and racial or ethnic minorities suffer from the death of private investment and the inequitable distribution of public resources. Numerous studies have shown that lack of healthy food options is linked to obesity, heart disease, and a wide variety of other chronic health diseases (“A Look Inside Food Deserts,” 2012). The ability to eat healthy depends upon the food resources available in a community. Limited access to supermarkets within convenient traveling distance with affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) creates a food desert and significant barriers to healthy eating that are too high for many individuals and families to overcome. The food deserts are also referred to as food insecure. According to the the World Health Organization (WHO), food security is “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe , nutritious foods to maintain a healthy and active life” (WHO, 2009). The WHO identifies three main elements of food security: food availability, food access, and food utilization. Food availability means that healthy foods are readily available to the individuals in reasonable distance, while food access defined as having the necessary resources, such as money and transportation to obtain healthy, affordable food. Food utilization defined as having the knowledge about how to use nutritious foods including water and sanitation, feeding and sharing practices within the household (“World Foo...

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...phic (environmental), individual and policy (governmental) will successfully improve healthy food availability in the NYC.
Socio-economic status(SES) consider one of the most important determinant of health due to the fact that many communities with low SES have limited access to healthy nutritious food such as whole grains, lean meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Many studies have documented the disparity in the number of supermarkets with healthy food choices in poor communities compared to resource-rich communities. For example, the study that was conducted in 2006 in the upper east side of Manhattan, East and Central Harlem revealed that low income neighborhoods (East and Central Harlem) were mostly dominated by fastfood restaurants and have higher prevalence of obesity and diabetes than upper east side of Manhattan (Beaulac,Kristjansson, & Cummins, 2009).

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