Essay about Food, Language, And Culture

Essay about Food, Language, And Culture

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A person’s identity consists of the food they eat, the language they speak, and the belief system and values from their culture. If someone consistently eats food of their specific ethnic group instead of venturing out, then food and culture are ginormous parts of their identity. Language can be connected to someone’s identity, because the language they speak is a part of their ethnic culture. Culture is a person’s way of life; culture is usually passed down from generation to generation and it deals with the belief system and values that a person inquires.
Thesis: Food, language, and culture build a person’s identity because they can either un shape or shape a person’s belief system and values which show that the way a person lives is an example of who they are.
Food strongly describes a person’s identity. For example, if you migrate to another country like the women in the show, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts unknown – Detroit, then in order to keep your food culture you must continue cooking the same ethnic style meals. The women in the show, which was not identified, decided to open up a restaurant using her home as her business in order to spread her cultures food style. This describes who the women is and how deeply she loves her culture even though she is not in her ethnic country. Eateries are constantly opening and closing in America. Most of the eateries opened seem to be fast food chains, because the American culture is so fast paced. People tend to do what the culture allows them to do. Eating on the run in a huge part of the American culture. Food in general describes a person and who they are because of all of the food choices people have.
Food connects a person to their identity when they incorporate foods from their...

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...son. For example, I was raised that everyone is the same, no matter what. To this day I will still look at everyone as equal, no matter what. Valuing something deeply is a trait that shows your true identity, whether it is something big or small.
What about the people who “self-raised” themselves? Many young kids and teenagers are forced to self-raise themselves, because they either ran away or got kick out of the house. Either way, someone who self-raises themselves is not going to have value passed down from generation to generation. That’s when someone would have to choice what they value in life and what they don’t. If that person lacks common sense they will most likely have bad values. Having bad values can affect the way someone deals with decision making. Values are a huge part of someones identity, because the things the value will shape the person they are.

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