Food Is Unhealthy Comes Up Essay

Food Is Unhealthy Comes Up Essay

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How many times a week do you eat fast food, or industrially prepared food? Probably more often than you realize. I certainly know when I heat up a prepackaged burger on the stove, or microwave a frozen burrito I’m not thinking about how this food was made, where it came from or its effect on society. When talking to other people it becomes reasonably clear that people have many different opinions about the quality, cultural impact, and the effects of industrialized food.
With an increasing number of fast food restaurants advertising their latest products as “hand-cut,” low sodium, or no sugar added; consequently, the question of whether or not all industrially prepared food is unhealthy comes up. Both Michael Pollan and Jamie Oliver would agree that industrialized food has no nutritional value, and therefore making it unhealthy. Pollan talks about how outsourcing food preparation has taken a toll on our physical and psychological well-being in his article “The Cooking Animal.” When we eat out, and cut down on the “time cost” of food preparation, we eat more calories; therefore, making us even more unhealthy, and causing us to indulge more often (Pollan). Work, time, and delay of gratification in the cooking process serve as an important check on our appetite, and in today 's culture we have eliminated this natural check (Pollan). “When we let corporations do the cooking; they 're bound to go heavy on sugar, fat, and salt; these are three tastes we 're hard-wired to like, which happen to be dirt cheap to add and do a good job masking the shortcomings of processed food” (Pollan). Pollan pretty well sums up what industrially prepared food consists of. Oliver also makes some strong points using some statistics such as the fact that ...

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...plemented in food preparation processes in his article “Not All Industrial Food is Evil.” At an organic farm Bittman found the use diversity, crop rotation, cover crops, and mostly real food. The cannery Bittman visited also appeared to run safe and clean production lines. Wong has also found that commercially prepared food might not be all bad. He found that the globalization that it causes facilitates the spread of cultural diversity rather than moving towards cultural homogeneity (Wong).
As you can see, the food industry currently is a very controversial topic. Some agree that this food is unhealthy, changing culture and harmful. While others would disagree and believe that not all industrially prepared food has negative effects. However, all the authors can agree that commercially prepared food does affect us in some way. Its just a matter of how, and how much.

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