Food Insecurity Is An Issue That Has A Significant Effect On The Global Level

Food Insecurity Is An Issue That Has A Significant Effect On The Global Level

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In the twenty-first century, food insecurity is an issue that has a significant effect on the global level and in specific regions. The articles used in this synthesis give a clear view of the issue and its impact in various places across the world. The State of Food Insecurity in the World , a 2014 report created by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), and Food Security in Asia and The Pacific, created by The Asian Development, focuses on food insecurity on the global scale using statistics and facts. Other articles focus primarily on food insecurity in the country of India. These articles are Food Security in India: Performance, Challenges, and Policies, a 2010 report written by Mahendra S. Dev and Sharma N. Alakh, and India State Hunger Index: Comparisons of Hunger Across States, a detailed report conducted by Purnima Menon and Anil Deolalikar. Hunger, Poverty, Climate Change in Madhya Pradesh, a 2011 report written by Vikas Samvad and Sachin Kumar Jain, focuses only on the situation in Madhya Pradesh. The sources that were used for research share similarities such as trends and statistics, but the sources differ on the scale that they address.
The problem of food insecurity can be observed on a global scale. Food insecurity is influenced by many factors: climate change, drought, food prices, etc. In addition, population growth and demand for resource does play a role in food insecurity. This issue has been observed across the globe in majority of the sources. All sources that were selected for this research present different facts, statistics, and viewpoints of the issue. The State of Food Insecurity in the World, created by the Food and Agriculture Organization, an United Nations organization w...

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... also mentioned, “In comparison of Global Hunger Index scores of the Indian states to other countries, Madhya Pradesh would ranked towards the bottom of the list” (Samvad and Sachin 43). Dev and Alakh confirms the high rates of poverty in Madhya Pradesh. Poverty is a factor that can lead to food insecurity. According to Dev and Alakh`s source, “Madhya Pradesh has a high ratio of poverty to the total population of state: 30 and 40 percent in Madhya Pradesh.
The food production of Madhya Pradesh is also a concern. In Samvad and Sachin`s article, “People of Madhya Pradesh largely depend on cereals and have a low purchasing capacity.” (Samvad and Sachin 132). Food grain production has decreased in the Indian state (Samvad and Sachin 50). This information reveals that “numerous nutrition related problems in the state that need serious attention” (Samvad and Sachin 59).

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