Essay on Food Industry: Total Quality Management

Essay on Food Industry: Total Quality Management

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The food industry faces a challenge to deliver high quality products, in a competitive global market whilst increasing efficiency by minimising waste. By incorporating quality systems like Total Quality Management (TQM), companies like Pars Food Ltd can develop an effective culture of commitment to meet expectations of customers (Beardsell, Dale, 1999). Nevertheless, an effective culture of quality systems and continuous improvement cannot be met by an absence of managerial responsibility, to gain customer loyalty, and potential new clients (Beardsell,Dale,1999).However, Pars Food Ltd need to use supply chain management strategically to gain competitive advantage of working systemically with other companies and to meet their own long term objectives such as expanding their market share and increasing customer satisfaction. (Ebert, Griffin, 2011). Thus, the purpose of this academic essay is to analyse and evaluate how Pars Food Ltd can achieve their long term aims through quality management and supply chain management.
Background Literature
Total quality management is based upon two aspects; internal stakeholders putting high quality as a priority in their daily tasks, and continuously improving it (Cassidy, 1996). Furthermore, as total quality management requires employees taking responsibility of their tasks to the highest quality meaning it improves motivation levels as employees feel their own contribution makes a difference towards the business performance (Cassidy,1996). As a result customer satisfaction in products and services will increase making a company differentiated from the rest. (Ebert, Griffin,2011). Also by implementing total quality systems managerial and production practices will be changed, m...

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