The Food Industry 's Targeted Advertising Promotes Unhealthy Eating Habits That Caused By Obesity

The Food Industry 's Targeted Advertising Promotes Unhealthy Eating Habits That Caused By Obesity

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The food industry’s targeted advertising promotes unhealthy eating habits that resulting in obesity.
The food industry wants people to think that their advertising of products is good for you, but in reality they are not. Most of us don’t even know what we are consuming from eating their food. If people knew what was in their food that the food industries are promoting/advertising, they wouldn’t want to eat it. There can be given facts on this and maybe even some proof as to what you don’t know about the food industry, but also what you are consuming in your body at the same time. Some of the products that they advertise on TV, Billboards, and etcetera, you actually start to believe that they are good products until you start to do your research and find out what’s in your food. For example, say Wendy’s was advertising about their new Spicy Chicken Tenders that they just brought to their restaurant. They promote it so well that you just feel the need for you to go to Wendy’s and buy it just to see if it taste the way they promoted it on TV. I can go on about their advertising, but now it’s time to add facts to what’s going on in the food industry that we don’t have any idea as to what’s being consumed in our bodies. First, obesity is an inevitable outcome of a processed food diet. Second, 11 secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know. Third, inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat. Now that I’ve stated my three reasons that I’m going to talk about in my essay, it’s time to go into more detail.
One is, the way the food industry today promotes their products, anyone can believe false information that’s being provide to them without even knowing. Obesity is an inevitable outcome of a processed food d...

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...ste. Blythman, Joanna. "Inside the Food Industry: the Surprising Truth about What You Eat." Http:// N.P., 21 Feb. 2015. Web. 29 Oct. 2015. Somehow the food industry has their way of fooling people and making their food taste so good that you have the slightest idea of we are putting in our bodies let alone the food that’s being consumed. Also, stated in the article, “For the salesman, this preparation was a technical triumph, a boon to caterers who would otherwise waste unsold food. There was a further benefit: NaturalSeal is classed as a processing aid, not an ingredient, so there’s no need to declare it on the label, no obligation to tell consumers that their “fresh” fruit salad is weeks old”. Blythman, Joanna. "Inside the Food industry: the Surprising Truth about What You Eat." Http:// N.P., 21 Feb. 2015. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.

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