Essay on The Food Industry Has Changed Drastically Over The Last Fifty Years

Essay on The Food Industry Has Changed Drastically Over The Last Fifty Years

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Modern day America is facing a means to an end. The food industry has changed drastically over the last fifty years. The documentary Food, Inc. answers to the increasing demand of Americans to have a behind the scenes look at how their food is being produced. This documentary exposes the profit centered, big business tycoons and how the current, highly mechanized production system is putting human health and the environment at risk with compliance from government agencies. Director, Robert Kenner, intends for an audience of curious and ignorant Americans alike to watch this provoking film and to convince them to be the change that turns this industry from factory to farm by effectively using mainly ethos and pathos but, also logos and kairos.
The chicken industry is graphically depicted through the implementation of both ethos and pathos. Kenner shows the process of how chicken is produced from when they are hatched to being on the shelves of supermarkets. He struggled to find a chicken farmer that was willing to be interviewed and allow him to film their chicken houses because of their traditionally unacceptable and unethical conditions of how the chicken are being raised. The film calls on ethos when explaining how chicken farmers are also reluctant to show the conditions of their houses because of the power these businesses hold over them. It takes nearly two times as much money to build a chicken house to the standards of the company than the farmers profit; leaving them in tremendous debt and making them defenseless. One reluctant farmer from Perdue granted permission to the film makers to record her statement and images of her chicken coops. Typically, chicken from big businesses (Perdue, Ty...

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...production in 2008, the organic food revolution was just beginning. Thus, this was an ideal time to make a film of this nature. Not many people were knowledgeable on the process of food production and this film gave those who wanted to know a convenient and simple means of self- education on the subject. Kairos in this instance is a key component of the films success because had the organic community not been an up- and- coming topic this film wouldn’t have had the support or steam to be successful because, simply, no one would be interested.
Kenner’s goal of changing the views of Americans to vote with their dollar by buying local, organic foods in revolt of the mass produced corporate food industry in Food, Inc. was effective through ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos. The organic community is on the rise and is picking up speed tremendously. It is time for change.

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