Food Eating Habits And Nutrition Essay

Food Eating Habits And Nutrition Essay

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What a wonderful time to discuss food eating habits and nutrition while the American people, or at least a fairly decent percentage of them, fight against Monsanto and GMO labeling on their food. This story, “Bartleby, The Scrivener”, to me, describes an elderly man looking over his life and coming to the realization of something that many people fail to comprehend until the damage of their choices have already taken their toll, he came to the realization of his health. I believe that the narrator of the story, like many of Americans once they reach a certain age, take health and nutrition into account after years of carelessness concerning the longevity of a fully functioning, self healing, and properly fueled body.
The lawyer, or narrator, in the story said that, “I am a man who, from his youth upwards, has been filled with a profound conviction, that the easiest way of life was the best”, and to me this reflects the current mind frame of society 's outlook on not only social behavior, but nutrition. Here, you have a distinguished, established, and privileged man that could possibly have his “business” ran exactly as he so pleases, but because he doesn 't desire conflict, so he is passive about the order of his “business”.
The names turkey, nippers, and ginger nut were more than likely the lawyers favorite dishes. These foods also gave him the most trouble, but they made him feel more complete in his day to day routine. In the story he acknowledged that certain “people” operated better or worse according to what time of day at his “business”. These were metaphors of how he 'd enjoy his favorite dishes at certain times, but they settled in his stomach differently according to the time of day. One of the biggest issues in our...

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...d work, and even work through the night, but it seemed as if all of the work was in vain. Thus, the infamous quote “I would prefer not too” came about. If we took the time out of our lives to make health consciousness as common as brushing our teeth then the effort for health maintenance would come effortlessly.
Melville 's story personified guilty pleasures of a privileged man coming back to haunt him through his health and his misunderstanding of how things got to the point of where he couldn 't correct his problems. The moral that I take from this story is to get that “extra help” as soon as you possibly can before your business gets out of control. You can 't let what makes you temporarily feel good affect your actual well being. So when it comes to artificial preservatives, genetically modified organisms, fast food, and snack cakes, “I would prefer not too”.

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