Essay The Food Court At The West Covina Mall

Essay The Food Court At The West Covina Mall

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What do we define to be societal norms? While observing the food court at the West Covina Mall, I noticed a number of sociological events occur. Today’s society is trying to become up to date to technology and efficiency; however, technology and efficiency is causing society norms to be dehumanized and repetitive.
Culture that I noticed while observing the food court was the sanctions that were placed in the setting, societal norms that were expected, and how materialistic people are. Sanctions are the approval or disapproval of certain behaviors; likewise, some behaviors were not of approval in this setting. The volume of the food court was at a particular volume that is considered a positive volume to behave, but when a group of young people started laughing too loudly it caused serval people to turn and look upon them with negative approval for their outburst behavior of higher volume. Another form of culture throughout the food court was societal norms. Some of the norms in this particular setting were the repetitive behaviors such as walking by casually, eating at the tables with manners, and chatting at a acceptable volume. Some actions that would be conceded defiance in the food court is if someone started a food fight, someone started running around the food court, or someone being too loud. Security would escort someone out of the mall if someone would to start a food fight, someone running through the food court and being too loud would cause a negative reactions from people. Furthermore, the culture to which our society lives in is a materialistic culture; for example, people were on their cell phones or were coming to the food court after shopping. Some people were on their phones the whole time I was observing the fo...

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...ehaviors and appearances to leave the impression we wish. A man wearing a suit and ear piece dressed to look professional and respected, or a woman cleaning off the table she just ate off to display she her cleanliness. On the other hand, we see the woman cleaning to prove she is a cleanly person we do not see her in her personal space to which she may actually be very messy. Front and back stage display to performance which society sees and what isn’t seen.
Agents of Socialization create structured situations with the influence like peers and family. A family displayed agents of socialization by establishing their own social group when they walked in together, sat together and started chatting to one another. The parents influence their children on how they should behave by setting an example and discipline them when they were doing something against societal norms

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