Food Costs And Prices Influence On Consumer Behavior Essay

Food Costs And Prices Influence On Consumer Behavior Essay

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If our food choices were driven solely on the factors of hunger, and the desire for nutrient, and energy efficient fuel for the body, we as Americans would be a healthier bunch, eating the same foods our great grandmothers could recognize. However this is not the case. So, what are the determining factors shaping what foods we eat? With time, food and technology have progressed, as the food industry has changed the food game completely by having influence on consumer. According to International Food Information Council (IFIC) foundation 2011 food and health survey "Taste and price are the biggest drivers of Americans food choices". Although the economy may impact your finances, and foods high in sugar and salt taste better, make smarter choices, targeting qualitative values rather than superficial ones, and to not surrender our power as consumers to one corporate food source greater power leaving us with concerns on the motives behind those whom we depend on to feed us
Food costs and prices influence our choices in foods. It seems that the economy directly impacts, how much we want to spend on our food. Americans would rather spend less, than buy for nutritional reasons, and from recognizing the ingredients that are in the foods today. If looking at price per nutrient units, purchasing healthier foods, gives you a better deal. For example, one may buy a big bag of potato chips for four to five dollars with minimal to no nutrients or one could buy fruits and vegetables, loaded with nutrients, for just a dollar more. The fact that Americans base the majority of what the eat on costs, makes it a huge market, to which the Fast food chains and food manufacturing companies depend on for studied consumer behaviors, and have found ways t...

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...ions like Monsanto, would rather use marketing labels and convenience to keep consumers ignorant so that they can continue selling us their products. Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in Public interest, a consumer group, stated that "Labeling should be obligatory to maximize the consumer 's sense of safety"(Biotechnology 2000). Contrary to this, the FDA states"[Consumer concern] isn 't a compelling enough reason to have labeling and until there is proof that GMOs are less safe than traditional produce, labeling is out of the question"(A Consumer 's Right to Know).

one thing that these determining factors have in common, is the people behind them. Corporate food manufacturers, FDA, Political Parties, Grocery Stores, Fast Food industries, and marketing advertising companies, have no business in determining what food we eat. Have we lost our right

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