The Food And Nutrition Field At A Long Term Care Facility

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I currently work in the food and nutrition field at a long term care facility by the name of Elkins Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation and at Pennsylvania Hospital. I have been in this field for 13 years this coming May. I have experienced things change drastically over the years some for good and some for bad. Yes, I was overwhelmed with the fact that we don’t have to wash the dishes by hand like they did way back in the days. We now have a huge dish machine that we put the dishes into. First thing I would like to point out about change that people are very resistant to change because they get set in their ways and they don’t really know how to change. When I first started at the nursing home I was 16 years old and I was not able to work over a certain about of hours in a week and they really worked around my school schedule and received credits for going to work. They currently don’t hire high school student anymore at the Nursing Home which I feel like is a major mistake because 3 and a half hours of work after school is perfect for a teenager that’s still in school but not so good for an adult with responsibilities. So they are always looking for new employees because people never stay. Another thing that has changed is they now what all the employees to be ServSafe. The ServSafe Food Handler Program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. The program covers five key areas: • Basic Food Safety • Personal Hygiene • Cross-contamination & Allergens • Time & Temperature • Cleaning & Sanitation. This was not required the first few years I worked at the nursing home but now they want all of their staff to be ServSafe. The nursing home has become very strict on making sure all their empl... ... middle of paper ... ...e finding a nursing home in my area. My boss strongly advises me to stay in the hospital only because Nursing Homes are funding by the state and when they come down they come down hard on the administrators. They are also in pursuit of linking me up with the right people to possibly get an internship at Pennsylvania Hospital. So at this point part of me still want to pursue finding an Administrator-In-Training program after graduation. I feel like I would make an exceptional Administrator because I can relate to the employees. I know their issues and I know that some things are black and white and no in between, but to be a good manager, you have to know that there is a gray area. Try to be fair to people because life doesn’t deal the same cards to everyone each and every time. I also feel like the longer I stay in the Penn health system I will be reluctant to leave.

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