Food And Identity : Food Studies, Cultural, And Personal Identity Essay

Food And Identity : Food Studies, Cultural, And Personal Identity Essay

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Almerico, Gina. 2014. “Food and Identity: Food Studies, Cultural, And Personal Identity”. Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies 8.
The study examines how food studies is more than just about food itself. Rather, practices and behaviours surrounding food demonstrate the economic, political, cultural and social significance of food. Americo’s study begins by examining how food shapes individual identity, using the stereotypes attached to certain food and what popular restaurant choices reveal about individuals as examples. Furthermore, she explores how the symbolic meanings and experiences attached to particular foods can reveal further information about identity. Finally, food choices can define who one is and who one is not based on the cultural connotations and ideas linked to certain food and food practices. Although the article provides a concise description of the variety of ways food is more than just food, Americo’s study is limited to only the cultural and social implications of food, neglecting the political and economic significance she mentions earlier. Nevertheless, this article is useful for my research topic as, while it does not interrogate the idea of food choice and practices in relation to gender identity, it provides a decent basic understanding on how food has a powerful impact on social and cultural groups.

Connell, R.W. 2002. “The Question of Gender”. In Gender, 1-11. Malden: Blackwell Publishers Inc.
In the chapter, “The question of gender”, Connell reviews the idea that gender is not fixed—rather it is fluid, complex and constantly under construction. The author’s research focuses on how much of everyday business is structured around gendered distinctions and the effort to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ds that they imagine will maintain their imagine and identity. In particular, this idea asserts itself in their qualitative study, where single sex houses maintain gendered food ideals and continue to consume according to these even in the absence of the opposite sex. Their motivations for eating particular dishes were linked to their self-image and the performance of gender identity and, when swapping meals, were unsatisfied with the alternative. The study provides strong support towards food consumption maintaining identity and the data collected fulfills both their aim and the gaps in the existing knowledge well. This article is useful to my research as it reveals how social expectations of ideal gender identities is performed and maintained through food consumption, even while not under surveillance. It demonstrates how identity shapes food choices and practices.

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