The Food and Drug Adminstration from Upton Sinclair´s The Jungle Essay

The Food and Drug Adminstration from Upton Sinclair´s The Jungle Essay

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair was about Jurgis Rudkus who was an immigrarnt from Lithuania that came to the United States to discover his dreams, hopes, and desires. He took his family to Chicago to begin a new life. He worked in meatpacking industries that were unsanitary and brutal amount of hours that resulted into starvation. He was mistreated and realized the American dream wasn't as easy as it seemed. The book deals with disease, hunger, corruption, crime, poverty and death. “Leave it to me; leave it to me. I will earn more money – I will work harder.” This was said by Jurgis frequently because him and Ona always struggled with money and having a job but Jurgis never wanted Ona to stress about those problems. Jurgis always took charge when it came to serious decisions because he knew he was the man and needed to stand his ground. Throughout the book Jurgis always tells Ona that he will work harder, even if he can’t physically work anymore because his body is too tired. “In the end it was through a newspaper that he got a job, after nearly a month of seeking.” This shows the true struggle of being an immigrant and having no experience to find a job. Jurgis had many jobs throughout Chicago and they all weren’t easy to get, he had to fight for a spot. The majority of the book took place in Chicago during 1906. As I read the Jungle I saw from beginning to end the struggle an immigrant family went through and realized being in the real world is a lot harder especially if you don’t have an education. The Jungle is an American classic because of the role in took place in the Food and Drug Administration and made a difference to all the workers who worked in the meat packing industry.

Throughout the book the author illustrates the...

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...e. I would recommend this book to others for learning purposes because it is written in an entertaining way but also educates you on how slaughterhouses were.

After all the hard work Jurgis went through working in Chicago he finally made a difference in the end with the rules of slaughterhouses. If it weren’t for Jurgis to stand up and say something their wouldn’t have been a change and workers and animals would continue to be mistreated. My last impression on the book was a positive one because the fact that a change was made because of this book and many people have benefited from it makes me happy. Immigrants already go through a hard enough time to get to the US they shouldn’t have to be mistreated where they work at. Overall, the Jungle was a great book to read and gave me a real life perspective of an immigrant working hard to achieve that American dream.

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