Essay on The Food And Drug Administration

Essay on The Food And Drug Administration

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The Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization, American Medical Association, American Dietetic Association, and the National Institute of Health have stated that not only dairy but also meat from rBST cows is safe for human consumption (Brennand, 1999). So even when the BST is destroyed in pasteurization and the IGF-I is not. Consuming the last one orally is just not a concern (Brennand & Bagley, 1999).
Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland on bovines. In most cases it is produced by microorganism, invading and multiplying inside the udder. This bacteria population produces toxins that degrade and wound the udder. Mastitis could be Clinical and sub clinical. Over 100 kinds of bacteria are proven to cause Mastitis in both grades; also high temperatures are proven to cause a mastitis blemish. Because of this, mastitis rooted in infected population of cows is hard to determine (Schroeder, 2012).
The infection not only changes the nutritional value of the milk but also low milk production and, depending of the grade of the infection, the milk from that cow will no longer be marketable, representing time and money lost to the farmer (Schroeder, 2012).
There are two clear ways for a cow to get contaminated with mastitis: through the environment or contagiously from direct contact with milking equipment. And once cow contracts mastitis it is treated with antibiotics but also goes out from the milking program of that farm. So there is no way to find antibiotics in commercialized milk because this diseased cow’s milk never gets into the dairy national chain market (Schroeder, 2012).
If all these factors are mixed, the possibility that BST is the author of mastitis blemishes in a healthy herd seems to be remot...

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...o buy rBST milk. But this does not affect the market or the farmers in the country. A proof of this is that it is only used on 17% of the dairy cattle. The biggest dairy producers do not use the substance because genetics have done the work of rBST. All those cows are highly productive; there is no need for them to supplement their cows. (Citation)
rBST does not cause cancer, and the possibility of causing mastitis, with all the agents involved in its propagation, seems remote to me. I would also say that the biggest producers are taking good advantage of the anti rBST coalition. Typically people go directly for the label that says “hormone free”. The economic advantages of rBST are greater than without because less feed is needed and the production costs are cut. rBST has been argued since its approval and entitled with different effects that it just does not have.

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