Essay on Food And Drug Administration ( Fda )

Essay on Food And Drug Administration ( Fda )

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Many people believe that some regulations and organizations can be a waste of time and they are just protocols that are made up to make things more difficult for the sale market, maybe they do not truly know the purpose for them, or perhaps they do not even know how much part of their daily routine they play. One thing that caught my eyes and realize that we use every day when we are feeling ill and possibly at our worse is medicine. When I go to the store I usually wonder if all the medications that are over the counter are safe to take for my family or myself. This is why I have looked into how the FDA part on the medications (prescribe or over the counter) works.
I have chosen the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an organization that plays a big part in our lives daily for a healthy life for human beings. This organization is responsible for assuring the food excluding agriculture (livestock, poultry, and some eggs) are safe, sanitary, and properly labeled; ensure that the medications for humans and animals, vaccinations, and equipment are safe and effective; protect the human electronic product radiation, assuring that cosmetics and dietary supplements are safe and correctly labeled; and regulating tobacco products. However, even though this organization keeps us safe in many ways I will be concentrating on medications. The reason is because medications is something we buy when we are sick or ill in order for us to feel better and/or to keeps up healthy. There is prescribed medication that needs to be order or prescribe by our primary care physicians or doctors for acute illness, chronic diseases, or for chronic/sharp pain. They can be some medications that can be taken without a prescription, which we all know the...

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...cription drugs, the Federal Trade Commission does. The FDA only reviews the ingredients and labels them. For both over the counter and prescription medication when it comes to labeling through the FDA it is necessary for them to make it easy for the public to read, standardize format of listing, and notate the quantity per dosage (Center & Evaluation, 2015). The reason is to help the public know how much of the mediation they can take depending on age or weight. It will also help people that are allergic to certain ingredients know what the mediation entails and if is something they can take.
As we can see FDA does play a big part on our daily lifestyle when it comes to prescribe medication or over the counter drugs. They help us experience less deaths when taking the medications and helps us be more comfortable and in ease when taking over the counter medication.

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