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When my family moved away from the place I grew up I began to have a major problem with my weight; I turned to food to comfort me. I somehow felt secure while eating and because of that psychological reassurance I got from the food, I was soon over weight. I knew I had to do something but that urgency would die when I would be introduced to a new flavor of Brewster’s ice cream or a limited time only supreme large fries that I saw advertised on the television or in a magazine. My self esteem and body-image suffered a great amount during those years of constant struggle. As I looked at pictures of celebrities, athletes, average people, friends, my sister and then myself, I noticed something, all of them were thin except me. After this and years of challenges and mental exhaustion I decided to make a change. Many individuals around the world have the same issues that I had. It seems that no matter how hard someone tries to lose weight it hardly works and soon they give up. Rising levels of obesity, body dissatisfaction, and lack of self esteem in todays society are related to the success of advertisements; however, by a lifestyle, change those issues can be resolved.
The advertisements for food have existed for decades. There has been an evolution in the prints, size, layout, and appearances of advertisements throughout the years. For example, the company Oscar Mayer. They use their wienermobile as part of advertising. This vehicle, which used to be a small boxy shaped car with a hotdog on it, is now a sleek modern styled vehicle on which the hotdog sits (Grant, 1996). Advertisements change to fit into the current style of society so that companies will get the greatest amount of profits (Pollay, 1985, p. 24). From pre war, to pos...

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