Food Activism And Its Effects On The Society And Advertising Essay

Food Activism And Its Effects On The Society And Advertising Essay

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Hamburgers are for men, salads are for women, at least that’s what society and advertising tells us. In snack advertisements men are seen bulking up on hot dogs, nachos and burritos, while women are searching for a healthier meal replacement by grabbing a low-calorie no-fat yogurt from the fridge. Nestle has already explained to their consumers that their Yorkie Bar, which explicitly states in big bold text upon the packaging that it is “not for girls”. These chocolate bars are instead to be scoffed back by big manly men with a large appetite and a bench press appointment. Cadbury has also informed many through their advertisements that a woman eating a Flake bar is quintessentially erotic. These chocolate bars often found being consumed by women in bubbly bathtubs who delicately nibble at the bar with their red tinted lips, who then proceed to sigh in indulgence. Undoubtedly, this inherently makes food a feminist topic. Within the notion of feminism, the main question is whether gender is of certain significance. When viewing food activism through the lens of feminism, gender is a controversial topic. Gender is defined as the social construction of the differences in sex. Biology determines the physiological and reproductive differences of men and women, whereas culture and society defines their value or significance through gender codes and discrepancies. For many years now, our culture has appropriated gender into food through stereotypes and advertising, as well as cultural norms in food production and distribution. Years of categorized gender norms influence everyone’s relationship with food, whether it be through stereotypes of what we are supposed to eat or how we are expected to behave with consuming or producing food. How...

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...and progress with this idea, we must see food with no limits for either gender. Health also comes into play when discussing food boundaries, as the women eating the trendier and healthier foods are proactive in the sense that they are consuming better food options than men. This is causing men to turn to these healthy options later in their life when they begin experiencing health issues and it may be possibly too late. In the end, both males and females need to both focus on eating the right amount of nutrients for their bodies, this could mean women eating more protein or men eating more fruits and veggies. Every human needs nutrients for energy, and whether a company is profiting off of you or not should not be a concern. So order that quinoa salad or a steak if you want one, and do not let advertisements or general stereotypes tell you what your taste buds enjoy.

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