Focusing on Volleyball Skills Essay

Focusing on Volleyball Skills Essay

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The focus of this section is on volleyball skills; a presentation of factors that contribute to the dynamics of the game, gender differences in the game and determinants of winning or lowing matches. This framework provides a simpler way of understanding how the serve and serve reception play a role in the game of volleyball.

2.3.1 Skill importance in Volleyball

A chain of factors determine success or failure in any sport match, but the measureable part of it is related to indicators of efficient performance technical-tactical elements or game phases during matches. The monitoring of play in team sports such as volleyball, and its analysis are based on the evaluation of the effects of situation-related parameters. The evaluation can be performed on the basis of volleyball game official records, video recordings such as data volley or various analysis of players’ efficiency during the game (Marelic et al. 2004).

A broad scope of research has been conducted in order to understand the dynamics of the game of volleyball. After the rule changes in volleyball in 1999, the game experienced a complete renovation in the technical-tactical sense (Zadraznik, Marelic, Resetar 2009). In order to facilitate the evaluation of team performance and analysing the logic of the game, the elements that play a key role in the way each team’s game is organised should be weighed in regard to Complex I (also known as side out), which comprises of serve reception, setting and attack, or Complex II, which comprises of serve, block/defense and counter-attack (Frohner and Zimmermann, 1996). In the volleyball game complex analysis, it is observed that the side-out possesses more stable initial organization conditions, as the ball is recovered from the m...

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...that teams were significantly better at serving and receiving than non-elites. The study also shows that the quality of attack was dependent on the quality of the set, and that the quality of the set was dependent on the quality of the defense or the reception of the serve.

Yiannis and Panagiotis (2005) compared the effectiveness of key skills in 10 men’s volleyball matches that occured between Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 and showed that there was a general trend of decreasing the proportion of mistakes performend on all skills. In the 2004 Olympic Games, Brazil, the gold medalist, performed their reception and attack skills far better than the teams they competed against (Laios & Kountouris, 2005). Eom and Schultz (1992) observed that the quality of the first touch provided better conditions for setting and, consequently, favourble conditions for finalization.

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