Focusing on Paula's Struggle for Identity in Roddy Doyle's "The Women Who Walked Into Doors"

Focusing on Paula's Struggle for Identity in Roddy Doyle's "The Women Who Walked Into Doors"

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How does Roddy Doyle structure ‘The Women Who Walked Into Doors’ in order to focus our attention on Paula’s struggle for identity?

‘The Woman Who Walked into Doors’ is written by Roddy Doyle. The story has thirty nine years of timescale. Doyle made the narrator as female first person singular. Narrator Paula is 39 years old. She is married. She has three children. She is Roman Catholic and she has lived in Northern Irish.

As the result of using first person narrator Doyle structured the story in non correct order. Paula’s faded memory made the story go sideways. In every chapter she keeps changing the subject. Her feelings have changed as well as her situations. She shuffles her good moments and the bad moments. This makes the reader to guess what the end is going to be. Doyle made the reader to connect her feelings and the events in correct order. For example she talks about the conversation with the guard and stops it, then continues in chapter five stop talking about it. This makes the reader to keep guessing what would’ve happen.

Roddy Doyle writes the story from a first person point of view. He gave the narrator an informal manner of speech. Paula not trying to be a professional story teller at any point of the story. She uses words independently and tells what comes into her mind. Doyle uses different words to describe different situations. This gave the narrator different sorts of emotions each situation. In chapter one she says ‘‘we had this screeching bell like an alarm that shook the walls when anyone rang it. It lifted me off the floor, the kids started bawling; it was fuckin dreadful’’. This way of speech shows she is very jittery about something. Doyle uses a simile to explain the loudness of the bell. The ...

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...Roman Catholic believers not allowed to divorce and birth control. The reader might think Paula not going to react on Charlo’s actions, because divorce is against her religion. The reader never thought Paula going to kick him out of the house. In chapter twenty nine Paula says ‘it was a great feelings for a while. I’d done something good’, again in end of chapter thirty one she said ‘it was great feelings I’d done something good. Doyle truing to emphasize the point, she did something good. Doyle made a happy ending, Even though she struggle for identity through out her life.

In the whole book Doyle clearly shows her struggle for identity by Paula’s informal way of story telling and her diminished memory had helped to show her identity. Doyle gives multiple characters and gives various emotions according to the situation. This shows Paula’s struggle for identity.

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