Essay on The Focus Of Robotic Surgery

Essay on The Focus Of Robotic Surgery

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The focus of robotic surgery can be very debatable for many people in this environmental community. A brief introduction is given to the definitions and history of surgical robotics. The capabilities and merits of surgical robots are then contrasted with the related field of computer assisted surgery. A classification is then given of the various types of robot system currently being investigated internationally, together with a number of examples of different applications in both soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery. The paper finishes with a discussion of the main difficulties facing robotic surgery and a prediction of future progress.
The moral and ethical implications with robotic surgery, we will look at the accountability that is taken and from whom, the relationship status between patient and doctor, the judgment of the robot and its effects and the effects of possible results. There are many consequences that can rise when carring out with a robotic surgery. Some of these implications will show positive impacts for the patient and some might be indifferent or negative. It is the patient and the doctor who needs to work together and agree upon a firm decision and path, which can out, put best result for patient. Which can have best experience with healing process.
The first topic we are going to look at is the number of incisions the patient will actually have to endure to go through the procedure. There are many different types of surgeries that robotics can be used with. Depending on the type of surgery, of course will help aid the patient and doctor in determining if robotic surgery is the best path for the patient. Robotic surgery is not the right or best choice for every situation. In the case of someone who is obese ...

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...ale movements so that large movements of the control grips can be renovated into micro motions inside the patient.
The benefit of the enhanced dexterity is really for the patient’s benefit. The patient will know that whether or not the doctor’s hands are tired, the robot’s hands will not be. The robot will be aiding the doctor as to keep the procedure more precise and accurate.
There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages of everything. Some of the matters that have been brought up so far are just a few of the topics that are affecting the robotic surgery debates. Some of these environmental implications could very well impact the decisions of all patients studying a robotic surgery. There are very simple procedures and very complex procedures that can be done through robotics. All of the issues are worth researching and comparing for each individual.

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