The Flying Troutmans By Miriam Toews Essay

The Flying Troutmans By Miriam Toews Essay

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Graphic novels are something that requires a lot of deliberate thought and dedication to create a novel that affects the reader in the way authors want them to. Everything within a graphic novel is conscious decision to enable the tones, story, characters, and messages to get through as best as they can. Due to this it is difficult to create an adaption based on someone else’s work, as you want to portray their messages and tones accurately, but also how the creator interoperates the original authors work. This is a problem I had in the creation of my mini graphic adaption of The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews. The Flying Troutmans is about a family going on a trip in America in search of the father of the kids Hattie is in charge of after their mother was put into the hospital for a degrading mental state. During the story Toews focuses heavily on the characters, personalities, flaws, and interaction that tell the reader more about the character while creating a connection to the reader. This emphasis on characterization by Toews led me to focus on the characters, personalities, and their flaws in my graphic novel adaptation. Since I focused on the characters and their characterization, I chose the first five chapters of The Flying Troutmans as they contain extremely important scenes in understanding the characters personalities, flaws, and interactions. To display this notion within my graphic novel, I specifically chose scenes I felt revealed more about the character while creating a connection to the reader by incorporating similar literary devices used by Toews such as appeals to pathos, tone, dialogue, and characterization while reflecting her ideas through my reimagining.
The first five chapters of The Flying Troutmans w...

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...which Thebes asks “Hey, what did Min whisper in your ear at the hospital….Tell me!” (Toews 25-26). Since Thebes ends up yelling, I used a speech bubble that displays a shouting or yelling used in manga. This speech bubble has multiple edges in which it concaves, creating various points. Which is similar to that of western equivalent except that it does not display continuous sharp edges in which give a pointy/sharp appearance. Though there is a speech bubble I use similar to that prick look which is the thought bubbles used in manga. These thought bubbles look similar but have noticeably longer points in a few spots while being shaded black specifically in those the points of the bubble while keeping the inside white with an oval. These slight differences in my graphic novel adaptation does not take away from the tones, characters and themes originally set by Toews.

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