Flying Is A More Popular Form Of Travel Essay

Flying Is A More Popular Form Of Travel Essay

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On average, more then eight million people fly on an airplane every day. That is blank percent of the total world population. Flying is becoming a more popular form of travel as time goes on. In fact, according to, 37.4 million flights were scheduled in 2014, which is up 2.7% from 2013. And it means an average of 102,465 flights per day. In life, one must properly prepare for this experience, if ever given the opportunity – after all; it is getting more popular every year. Flying is stressful for the first time if you don’t know how, but after the first time, it is much less nerve-wracking. Last summer I flew by myself for the first time to Texas, and remember the process very clearly. I was successful in my travels, because I was explained the process step-by-step beforehand. From packing your bag to finding the correct gate, flying is a simple process.
First, one must make sure that they pack their bag properly. It is recommended to pack all necessary luggage in a carry-on bag, in order to save money. Checking a bag is an option as well, (especially for longer trips where more items are needed), it just costs a fee. I would encourage the traveler to pack light, in order to navigate through the airport with less to lug around; this also decreases the chance of losing a particular item. Dimensions for what size/how many carry-ons are acceptable is either available online or available by calling the flight service. When packing, it is smart for the traveler to roll all non-wrinkling clothes in a cylinder, for this will save room. According to the TSA, it is a necessity for all people to fit any liquids fit in one clear, quart size, zip-top bag. (This includes all aerosols, creams and pastes.) Since TSA requires that ...

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...terminal, the rest is a piece of cake. Just wait for the flight attendant at the specific terminal to call each specific section to board, which typically happens about a half an hour before take-off. In the mean time, all travelers should have a seat, use the restroom, grab some coffee or food, and relax; All passengers should stay close to their terminal for any important boarding announcements.
As you can see, flying is a simple process, if one is explained the process ahead of time. I was terrified before my first flight, but afterward seeing how easy it was, I realized that there was no need. Now I can see why so many people fly every day, and understand why flying is becoming a more common form of transportation every year. I hope that my story informs and inspires others that are scared as well, to give flying a chance – you never know where it might take you!

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