Fluride and Its effects on Health and the Environment Essay

Fluride and Its effects on Health and the Environment Essay

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Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found world-wide and is primarily used for dental health. Fluoride has been praised for being one of the top successes in dental health throughout the century. Today more than ever, fluoride is used in many households’ commodities with or without the knowledge of the user. In the 1940’s fluoride was added to the water supply in order to lower tooth decay. Before the 1940’s not one common household item contained fluoride. In the past 60 years, the use of fluoride has drastically increased. Today fluoride is found in mouth wash, tooth paste, water and bottled tea to name a few. Studies have shown that fluoride in large doses are not only damaging to human health, but also to the environment.
Fluoride research began in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a young dentist by the name of Frederick Mckay opened a dental practice in 1901. He noticed that some residents of the community had severe browning of their tooth enamel that wasn’t recorded in any dental books. After a few years of research, he suspected that the cause behind the browning was due to water. In 1923, Mckay met with parents of children in Oakley, Idaho, who had the same peculiar browning of teeth. These stains began to appear shortly after a water pipeline had been constructed to supply the city with fresh water from a spring. Mckay analyzed the water and found nothing suspicious, but advised the city to cut off the water supply from the pipeline anyway. Within just a few years the browning on children’s teeth began to stop, leading Mckay to concluding that the problem was because of the water. In 1931 after extensive studies and with the help of research conducted by the chief chemist of The Aluminum Company o...

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...tion of fluoridated water by infants poses a serious health hazard to the well-being of the child.
Because fluoride has been proven to show no significant health benefits and in fact, actually poses some very serious health hazards, the consumption of fluoride should be avoided at all costs. The United States Government attempts to regulate how much fluoride is in every part per million, but the cities that are continually allowing this toxic waste byproduct from the fertilizer industry to be dumped into the water supply is completely outrageous and sickening. Until the public is informed about the possible dangers associated with consuming fluoride and the damage it can do to the environment, private industries will continue to sell this waste to cities in order to keep costs low and profits high; all the while poisoning their very own friends and families.

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