The Flumist Nasal Spray Is No Longer Effective Essay

The Flumist Nasal Spray Is No Longer Effective Essay

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During the 2015/2016 flu season, the FluMist Nasal spray is no longer available. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that nasal spray was only effective 3 percent of the time for children. To contrast, the flu shot was 63 percent more effective at preventing the flu for children than people that didn’t get vaccinated. In 2014, the FluMist did just as well, if not better than the flu shot. There are other methods of getting a flu vaccine, so at least the nasal spray wasn’t the only option. The FluMist may become available again in the next flu season. Researchers theorize that the FluMist is no longer effective because of high temperature exposure, using 4 influenza strains instead of 3, and a mutation in the H1N1 strain; people can die from the flu so finding out the causes of the FluMist’s failure is important.
According to Rachael Rettner, writer of “Why Is This Vaccine Not Working,” studies have found that the flu strain used in the nasal spray may become vulnerable to deterioration at higher temperatures. Flu strains are different variations of the flu. The FluMist uses a weakened version of the virus which grows only at lower temperatures. Vaccines are kept refrigerated, but there are still ways for it to get exposed to high temperatures. When a vaccine is unloaded from the shipment vehicle or when the it is taken out of the shipment box, it can become exposed. The more the FluMist comes in contact with heat, the less effective it becomes.
Julie Appleby, writer of “why was it effective one year but not now,” claims the FluMist went from incorporating 3 flu strands to 4 in 2012. The change was made to protect against 2 A strains and add coverage to a 2nd B strain. The nasal spray was more effective...

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... may include a runny nose, wheezing, headache, vomiting, and a fever. Side effects for the nasal spray in adults may include runny nose, a headache, sore throat, and a cough. Lastly, flu shot side effects may include soreness where shot was given, a low grade fever, and aches. These side effects don’t last nearly as long as the flu does.
Researchers still don’t know what went wrong with the FluMist this season. They speculate it could deal with the virus being exposed to higher temperatures when being unboxed. Another possibility is that changing the amount of influenza strains used from 3 to 4 could have changed the effectiveness. The flu can kill a person which is why it is important to get a flu vaccine regardless if they prefer the nasal spray or the flu shot. Finding out the reason why the FluMist is no longer effective will help improve vaccines in the future.

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