Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

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Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews Have you ever imagined living locked up in an attic for 3 years and 5 months? Have you ever imagined not growing up with your mother's care and love at the time you were 5? Flowers in the Attic is one of the more original series written by V.C. Andrews of the Dollanganger series. It is one of the best books I've read because it's depressing and dark yet heart-touching. In this book report, the setting, plot and the characters of the book will be included. Flowers in the Attic is one tragic yet a hopeful story of four children.

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The setting of this book changes as the story goes on. First, it takes place in a small yet plentiful house in Pennsylvania. But after the death of his father during a car accident, the mother and four kids, move down to Virginia to the kid's grandparent's house. However the main setting of this book should be the attic and the small, cramped room the kids stay in. The attic was full of dust, mice, spider webs, ancient furniture and dirty mattresses. There was only one window, which barely showed any sunlight because it was always closed. The small room where they slept was stuffy, hot, but chilly at the same time because it was dim, without any natural coming in from anywhere, because as again, the evil grandmother keeps the shadow down so no one would notice the kids. The places in the book seems real to me because it was the 1930's and 50's, which still had mansions around that people live in with dirty attics.
This story is mostly about the four unlucky kids who were locked up in a cage like an animal, just waiting and waiting for hope, but only everyday they seem like they had something; it was only one small step to the pain. The four unlucky kids consider of Christopher, Cathy, Cory and Carrie. Christopher, who was handsome, young, and smart, was always optimistic and also very caring and loving with his younger siblings. Cathy, who told the story, was very beautiful and gorgeous. But personality wise, she was opposite of Chris, thoughtful and pessimistic about things that was going on in her life because she is in a much shaken environment and is depressed. Cory and Carrie was the youngest and they were the twins. They looked just liked dolls with glowing hair and fair complexion that is until they become stuck in the attic. Cory is a quiet, silent yet protective boy, while Carrie is babyish, cute, and girly like a princess. The twin grew to each other eventually because they were only 5 years old when they got locked and they has no one else but to support each other, while Cathy and Christopher was like their mom and dad. But it wasn't just the twins that had an effect. Cathy and Christopher themselves, as they grew more mature, had grown fond of each other, and even the feeling of love overwhelmed them through the years of only seeing each other growing more mature physically, mentally and emotionally as Cathy quoted, "I think I've grown wiser than that mountain than in the past 3 years stuck in the attic reading all the library books." Because of their personality, they had a very well balanced emotion and answers to different conflicts. For example, Chris would always tell everyone to cheer up and keep the hope up high for the twins and for Cathy, which helped them probably live longer and still be in sense. Cathy, more like the mother kind of nature, was helpful because sometimes you just need someone to take care of children, to remind you of what's right or wrong when you are in panic. Cory had a huge effect of his sister and it was the vice versa too. They would sit there and listen to each other talk, and accept each other more than normal sister and brother would.
The general storyline of this book is four children suffer greatly from not having proper care and health. They stick together through challenges the mother and grandmother put them through. The mother, Corrine, who is obsessed with money, eventually reduces her love for their children, as her father was willingly but not completely accepting her back again, from the mistake she made of marrying her half-uncle 15 years ago. The grandmother, who is very cruel and is very cold-hearted, gave nothing to the children, not even a smile, and kept on saying they were the devil's work. As their mother enjoys herself in the sunshine with her new boyfriend, the four unhealthy children sits in the dusty attic cutting flowers and trees to at least try to make a fake garden for themselves to at least imagine that they were in a park running around with beautiful butterflies. The climax of this story is a part when the grandmother gets her whip and tells both Cathy and Chris to strip, so she can whip them hard. After all the bloody whips, whines, marks and painful tears on both children's flesh skin, she comes up with a scissor for Cathy to cut off her hair. But Cathy's hair was one of her best feature so they were too precious to cut it off. However, the next day, her hair is covered with hideous, black tar that stuck to her hair so she had to cut it off. After that incident, oddly, the grandmother who never brought them sweets began to give them donuts with powdered sugar. The hungry children never less just gobbled the sweetness that they craved for so much days and nights, all being so innocent. Until that one day, Cory becomes sick and soon the whole story changes into something more dark and serious…
I like this book very much because I love the mood of this book – depression yet that small glimpse of hope and happiness. I especially like the character Cathy because I kind of relate to her. I am usually very pessimistic because I can't really think positively. So when I was reading the story, I just felt like I understood how she felt. Even if I'm in such a good and healthy environment like this, it sometimes makes me depressed just because of one small problem, while there really are people out there starving, or locked up in the room, not even having sunshine which we complain about all the time. Also, I wondered if the mother loved them in the first place, why they would have the kids locked up in the attic, while she could have just first borrowed some money from her mom, rent a house outside of Charlottesville, let them attend school, and often come back for a visit. If she truly loved her husband and was a faithful mom, I think that would have been a more preferable idea then suffering the kids. Some people say the part where Chris and Cathy fall in love with each other is very weird. Well, as for me, I don't think that's weird at all. If you were to be in their shoes, I'm pretty sure you would understand too. I mean, they were the only two teenagers in the whole environment they lived in, the people who were seeing mature bodies of opposite sex just on each other, two people who had hormones growing just like normal teenagers. It is no wonder they fell for each other. Also, they've known each other for a very long time in a closer relationship than sisters and brothers. They have been through all the hard time together, accepting each other, and spending endless time together. I think that is a totally possible idea. I strongly recommend this book to people who like dark, mysterious, tragic stories, and can be comfortable reading about child abuse and a little sexual content.
When I first picked up the book from my little sister's desk, I was thinking, "Oh another mystery book." But it was way more than just mystery and it makes you think what's more important to the world, love or money, and what exactly are an individual's responsibilities and tasks that each one of us has to take care of or complete before they give up. Flowers in the Attic will give the chills yet the warmth if you think about it.
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