The Flowers Are Killing Me Essay

The Flowers Are Killing Me Essay

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Chosen Family
These flowers are killing me, Scott mused while choking down his Benadryl. He was never fond of roses, but he knew David liked them. He struggled while carefully arranging a bouquet of roses for their fifth anniversary. He cancelled today’s work to organize a perfect party. For Scott, that’s how everything had to be: perfect, without any compromise. He covered the dining table with new white sheets and placed the bouquet of roses in the center. Scott found it funny for a 30 year-old man to decorate the living room as if it was out of a Martha Stewart magazine. What’s next? He thought, Watching Soap Operas while sitting on a rocking chair? He’d done it many times before with his grandmother. They used to sit for hours, watching and talking about those episodes.
The shrill noise of the phone ring startled Scott. He raced to the phone and recognized David’s assistant number, Joanne. Confused as to why she had called, he pressed the telephone to his ears and heard her nervous, shaky voice.
“There was an accident”, she said, “David’s at the hospital!”
Scott felt dizzy as he heard the details. The muscles in his body became weak and his ears started ringing.
“What … what hospital?” He managed to ask. He scribbled the address and raced to the hospital.
Once at the hospital, Scott made a dash for the information desk. “Excuse me,” he asked the young nurse, “I’m here for David Spencer.”
“Um, let me see … I don’t have anyone listed here as family. Who are you, Sir?” She asked while covering the documents.
“I’m his boyfriend, Scott Mason. We live together. Can you just tell me if he’s okay?”
“I am not allowed to disclose that information, Sir.”
Frustrated with everything that was going on, Scott asked crossly, “What?? Can an...

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...ent together. All those moments could have been made possible only if they sympathized with one another.
“How did your parents reacted when you told them … you know that you are gay?” asked Carol.
“I never got a chance. They left me when I was three years-old. My grandmother raised me, and she knew. She was supportive. She met David before she died.”
“I am sorry to hear that.”
“It’s ok.” Scott smiled and continued, “She told me she can die in peace knowing David will take care of me. I guess she didn’t see any of this coming.”
Once at the hospital, Scott directed Carol through the hallways. The young nurse sorted through her files and told Carol that she could visit David briefly. Scott tried to follow Carol into the room.
“Excuse me, Sir!” said the young nurse, “Only family can go in.”
Carol turned to the nurse, quickly replied, “Oh, he’s family.”
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