Flower Fed Buffaloes by Vachel Lindsay Essay

Flower Fed Buffaloes by Vachel Lindsay Essay

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My static image is on the poem ‘Flower-Fed Buffaloes’ written by Vachel Lindsay. Urbanisation is one of the dominant and important themes, which is supported by the idea of nature and man. Therefore, my static image is based on this theme. Urbanisation is the process associated with the development of civilisation and technology in a rural area, in which is shown in this poem. ‘Flower-Fed Buffaloes’ is about the rapid extinction and disappearance of not only the buffaloes in America, but also Native American tribes, as a result of urbanisation (shown in the poem through objects like locomotives).
The verbal techniques used to portray this theme are the quote and the engraving on the last image. Firstly, the quote reads “is swept away by wheat . . . wheels and wheels and wheels spin by”. This quote is used to show how the industry and technology has taken place among the buffaloes. The line “is swept away by wheat” shows how wheat (which is purposely grown by man) is described in no way, showing only the usefulness of it but no pleasure to be found in this, in contrary to the descriptions of nature. The following line “wheels and wheels and wheels spin by” is used, as it reflects the monotonous movement of technology which is the train, and parallels the previous beautiful and graceful movements of nature given, such as grass. This shows the continuing invasion of urbanisation.
The second verbal technique is the engraving on the headstone on the last image saying “R.I.P MURDERED BY THE MODERN WORLD”. This was especially used not only to highlight and dramatize the morbid effects of urbanisation (as shown in the image), but also showing the true reason of why the buffaloes became extinct and the Native Americans ‘disappeared’ –...

... middle of paper ...

...n occurred. Hence, this shows when it was the turning point of the poem, so no colour so bright or dark could describe this moment.
The format of the whole image is important, as it is set out in the ‘rule of thirds’. This is because as the line “is swept away by wheat” represents the turning point and change in the poem, it is at the top. Therefore, this means that the images representing the change are in the middle to portray the change of urbanisation and the effects. Lastly, the line “wheels and wheels and wheels spin by” is at the bottom, to highlight the takeover of the industry, as shown in the images.
Overall, in the poem ‘Flower-Fed Buffaloes’ written by Vachel Hardy, the theme of urbanisation (supported by the idea of the relationship between nature and man) is portrayed in my static image in numerous ways, including both visual and verbal techniques.

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