Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey Essay

Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey Essay

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The Discrepancy Statement

The Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey recognizes in the Osceola County Report (2014) that 18.0% White Non-Hispanic, 50.1% Hispanic and 9.9% African American in Osceola County School District abuse illicit substances. To address, prevent and decrease the probability of drug addiction by Hispanic students of the two chosen high schools from Osceola County by at least 3% in approximately one year. As noticeably in chart one and two the prevalent student populations in these schools are Hispanic groups. This research proposes that the students of this study must take part in every other day after class workshops, engaging learning events and other extracurricular activities. Also, their close relatives should be present at each late afternoon support, counseling meetings and home visits associated with the appeal of control, authority and open dialogue to improve students-parents involvement and interactions. At-risk Hispanic high school students’ substance abuse pattern, is challenging teachers’ from this school district to examine their practice expertise. Therefore, the interrogation remains, how will these two Osceola County high school organizations accomplish the task of reaching the Latino high school students who have become so accustomed to drug consumption and prevent that they continue using them? (UNODC, 2015).

Literature Review

As currently indicated by The World Health Organization (WHO), substance use disorders stand for the unsafe or risky use of any substance, including inhalants, solvents, alcohol and other illicit drugs that have mood-altering or intoxication properties. Moreover, drug consumption can lead to addiction, which is a cluster of diverse manifestations that develop after r...

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...how it works. These brain changes are regularly long-lasting, and may lead to the unjustified behaviors seen in persons who abuse drugs. Variations in the brain produced by drug abuse can affect many of the brain functions, including cognition, learning, and memory. The first decision to consume drugs is usually deliberated. However, with constant abuse, a person’s capacity to implement self-control can become totally impaired; this impairment in self-control is the obvious sign of addiction. The same article also points out that the use of controlled substances in the course of adolescence obstructs the brain development, decreases educational performance and escalates the possibility of accidents, homicides, suicides and severe health disorders. The use of any addictive drug while the brain is still developing increases the probabilities of future substance abuse.

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