Essay on Florida, California, Texas, And New York

Essay on Florida, California, Texas, And New York

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Florida is the fourth largest state, in terms of population, behind California, Texas, and New York (State & County Quickfacts, 2015). Population estimated was estimated to be 19,057,542 for Florida in 2011(State & County Quickfacts, 2015). The southeast counties of Florida, tri-counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) are the three largest counties in Florida. Broward County, being the second largest county in Florida, has a population of 1,748,066 (Florida Counties by Population, n.d.). Broward County’s senior citizen population (249,424) constitutes 14% of the total population of the county (State & County Quickfacts, 2015).

1. Broward County, Florida
2. Population: 1,748,066
a. Racial breakdown:
i. White: 1,102,231
ii. Black or African American: 467,519
iii. American Indian and Alaska Native: 5,065
iv. Asian: 56,795
v. Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander: 911
vi. Hispanic: 438,247
b. Gender:
i. Female: 901,495
ii. Male: 846,571
3. Senior Citizens: 249,424
4. Disabled individuals: 198,784
5. Children under18: 401.885 (State & County Quickfacts, 2015).
Each demographic in a given population faces numerous health concerns that advocates and policy makers try to assist through various programs. Recently, campaigns have targeted new moms to encourage breastfeeding and to discourage public shame for providing nutrition for a baby. Senior citizens are just a fragile as babies and children, and face similar health concerns are the majority of the population. However, senior citizens are at a higher risk for heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, influenza and pneumonia.
Hypertension and LA County Health Analysis
The animalistic instinct inherent in all animals, including humans, is to survive and thrive long e...

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... of classes, products, or funding.
Parents: Emails and flyers will be sent to the parents to inform them of the initiative that the schools are undertaking and the focus being children’s health and reducing obesity. Parents will have access to the school app that allows parents to see what the school is providing students in the means of physical activity, extracurricular activities, food options, cooking healthy classes, and more. Parents will be encouraged to speak to their children about making healthy choices. A challenge should be sent out to all parents: parents should log the amount of their physical activity daily (time), their children’s activity time, and the time parent and child are active together (counts as double points). And at the end of the semester prizes will be awarded to the parent/child combination with the most logged active time.

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