Florence Nightingale 's Environmental Theory Essay

Florence Nightingale 's Environmental Theory Essay

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Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
Florence Nightingale was only 16 when she believed she was called to service. At the time, nursing was considered a lowly and dirty profession, but against her parents’ wishes, she became a travelling war nurse. Florence Nightingale cared for injured soldiers during the Crimean War and went to the battlefields and war hospitals to begin her work (McDonald, 2014). She noted the dilapidated surroundings and the poor health environments of the hospitals immediately. Nightingale noticed poor ventilation, poor water supply, inadequate sewage disposal, dirty bedding, and broken furniture. The hospitals were grossly understaffed and overpopulated by the ill. These inadequacies were unacceptable and are what inspired Florence Nightingale to found her environmental theory (Zborowsky, 2014). I find this topic interesting because it will help me understand the best way to improve a client’s environment. I will show how this theory helps to improve clients’ states of health by bettering their environments.
Literature Review
When working in the health care field, it is vital to understand the many things that influence a patient’s wellbeing. It is important to not only heal the sick but to prevent them from becoming sick again. Nightingale’s theory promotes the health of patients by focusing on their surrounding environments as they heal. According to Zborowsky (2014), the elements Nightingale required for a proper healing process include ventilation, variety, cleanliness, noise, air, and light. Although the six points may seem broad, they each include many different things to consider when creating a safe environment. Many modern hospitals and health care facilities have implemented reg...

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...es support my views that the theory is still as relevant today as it was in the past.
Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory helped to shape the practice of nursing (Potter et al., 2013). It kick-started the modern perception of cleanliness and saved countless lives. Although we now know that unsanitary conditions are detrimental to health, Nightingale sparked a new perception of cleanliness (Medeiros et al., 2015). If she had decided to follow her family’s wishes and pursue life as a housewife, the nursing profession would not be the same. McDonald (2014) stated that she sacrificed years of her life and even contracted Crimean Fever in order to care for wounded soldiers. She was also a true advocate for patients—writing letters to family, friends and loved ones on their behalf. She was hardworking, humble, and an inspiration for all nurses.

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