Florence Nightingale And The Death Of Western Medicine Essay

Florence Nightingale And The Death Of Western Medicine Essay

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One hundred and ninety five years ago the mortality rate for the injured British Army was 34% and then the Mother of Western Medicine was born. Florence Nightingale changed medicine with her ideas for sterilization and patient care. With her greatest achievement being the reform of health care, she is responsible for everything from nightingale wings to the food you receive while hospitalized. Florence Nightingale was also the first women to receive some of the most prestigious awards delivered from the British Monarchy.
Born May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy to a prominent family, returning to England at only one year old, Emery Park in Hampshire becoming her primary residency(Encyclopædia Britannica). Florence Nightingale was well educated, excelling in math.With the expectation of the time to marry and raise a family she quickly felt a ‘calling’ and moral duty to help the poor. Family tradition might have had something to do with it, with her grandfather being an anti-slavery campaigner (Florence Nightingale Museum). By 1837, she had decided nursing was her calling (Mcdonald, Lynn), but with nursing having a poor reputation her family, especially her father did not approve(Florence Nightingale Museum).
In July of 1850 Florence, despite her father 's objections, was able to enroll in the Institution of Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth in Germany and the again in 1851 for a grand total three and a half months of training(Encyclopædia Britannica).This trained her in the basics of nursing care. Florence herself is quoted asking permission “Give me time —give me faith. Trust me. Help me, I feel within me that I could gladden your loving hearts which now I wound. Say to me 'follow the dictates of that Spirit within Thee. ' ...

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...eople as possible about their hospitals whether it was in person or through letters. She was bedridden from the effects of the Crimean Fever, now known as brucellosis, yet her passion was still so strong. She was an amazing women with a long list of accomplishments recognized by some of the most important people at the time, Queen Victoria was honored to give Florence Royal Red Cross medal in 1883 and then the Order of merit in 1907(Florence Nightingale Museum). In her lifetime St. John of Jerusalem by order gave her the title Lady of Grace (Encyclopædia Britannica). At her passing the state offered a state funeral and burial at Westminster Abbey but as per Nightingale request her family declined instead burying her at the family plot St. Margaret Church in East Wellow Hampshire with a services honouring her at St Paul Cathedral in London(Encyclopædia Britannica).

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