Essay Florence Nightingale : A Respected Reformer Of Modern Times

Essay Florence Nightingale : A Respected Reformer Of Modern Times

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Florence Nightingale is a respected reformer of modern times. The book Notes on Nursing contains the thoughts about Nightingale by nursing-theorists and some of today’s nurse leaders. Florence Nightingale was committed to improving the misery and unhealthy living conditions of people all over the world (Schuyler, 1992, p.3). In this paper I will be using Nightingale’s Thirteen Canons to discuss what nursing is and what it is not.
Florence Nightingale’s first of Thirteen Canons is Ventilation and Warming. According to Nightingale (1859/1992) “the first rule of nursing is to keep the air within as pure as the air without” (p.8). Being a nurse means thinking about little things to help the patient such as opening a window and letting fresh air in. By opening the window for a few minutes it allows the patient to know the nurse has considered his or her well-being. The second of the Thirteen Canons is Health of Houses. There are five essential points to the health of houses: pure air, pure water, sufficient drainage, cleanliness and light. The first essential point, pure air, ties in with ventilation and warming. Making sure the air in the room and hospital is pure helps reduce the amount of sickness spreading. Pure water, the second essential point, reduces the epidemic of diseases that spread through polluted water. By insuring that the water is safe and clean to drink, no pollution can cause sickness to those drinking it. Nurses are the ones to make sure the environment the patient is staying in such as their bed and their room is clean. By making the bed with fresh liens and tiding the room it makes a difference in the patient’s mood. Opening the blinds on the window and allowing light to show through is another way to change the...

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...e of the patient, any changes to the patient’s physical appearance and the patient’s attitude.
Florence Nightingale, along with commentaries by contemporary nursing leaders, wrote the book, Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is Not. The contemporary nursing leaders discussed Nightingale’s accomplishments in their own words. Throughout Nightingale’s life, she was an advocate for sanitation, personal hygiene, administration, the knowledge of nurses and she was an advocate for the patients who were not allowed into the hospitals due to their race or religion. She made nursing a respected profession due to her statistics and background. Florence Nightingale’s legacy is what has made the nursing profession the most trusted profession. If it were not for Florence Nightingale, nursing would not be what it is today (in-class personal communication, October 6, 2016).

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